Xenakis - X3

| a festival in honour of the great composer Iannis Xenakis

For Iannis Xenakis' 100th birthday, ensemble unitedberlin was organising a three day Xenakis Festival “X3” in Elisabethkirche in the centre of Berlin. The
abstract ballet - Kraanerg, choreographed by Jiří Bartovanec, was the first performance accompanied by ensemble unitedberlin live orchestra.

On the second day, a “birthday concert” with the popular conductor Vladimir Jurowski followed. On the third day the music theatre “Oresteia”, elaborately staged by Anisha Bondy, was performed. Magmastudio extensively filmed all 3 shows and interviewed the key protagonists of the festival. A trailer, a short film version and complete documentation with 5 cameras were created for each show.

Additionally, Magmastudio produced 5 social media films for the promotion of the festival on Instagram and Facebook and advised the team on visual approaches for their newly founded Instagram channel.

Magma Studio is a collective formed by filmmakers, photographers, art directors and graphic designers. The studio works with cultural institutions, festivals and event producers, galleries and individual artists. With the combination of film, pictures and design Magma develops tailor-made communication strategies for social media communities and beyond.

| for ensemble unitedberlin