| young journalist workshops

The Wepress project is the second audiovisual journalism project of its kind. The aim of the project is to enable empowerment through political education and journalistic training for marginalised young adults. At the Wepress workshop, the participants learn how to conduct research on a journalistic project and how to use audiovisual equipment in an active role as a video journalist. Together, the group produced a documentary on the topic of "bullying". Discrimination in schools and bullying were discussed among students, parents and teachers and documented in a 30-minute film. The own experiences of participants and local opinion holders played the main role. A Member of the Bundestag Cansel Kiziltepe was interviewed about her perspective and gave a conclusion on how integration can work in schools.

Wepress is an ongoing project of Gemeinsamer Horizont e.V. that takes place over a period of ten weeks at a time.