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| The Transformation Portal

How can the city of Berlin transform into a self-sustaining ecosystem? This is the question that green20s is exploring in its latest project: The Transformation Portal. In collaboration with the association THF (THF Transformationsbündnis), Green20s is exploring how the association is managing to take over one of the biggest buildings in Europe and turning it into a space for the people of Berlin. A space where transformation is possible. THF brings together the world's leading science, implements practical solutions and thus empowers citizens with the skills and resources they need to collectively mobilize and regenerate the ecology of the city. In the documentary, we witness how the association brings together both established and emerging initiatives from the art and culture, social and sustainable sectors, and at the same time involves the citizens of Berlin to come together and collectively participate in transforming urban environments into healthy ecologies.

The 300,000-square-meter building of the former Tempelhof Airport is located in the middle of the city and, as a communal commons, offers opportunities for Berlin that hardly any other metropolis has. Its use and development for the benefit of Berlin's population can become a place with great charisma for sustainable urban development. Solutions implemented could be exemplary for the necessary further development of our cities and economic cycles nationally and worldwide.

| Green Twenties is a Berlin-based collective dedicated to social and environmental justice, working in the fields of climate protection, culture, education and empowerment. Green20s writes and films real & fictional documentaries, teaches storytelling & filmmaking and designs films for sustainable campaigns. The collective believes in the power of film and storytelling to raise awareness and empathy.

| A project with @thf_transformationsbündnis