Pop Kultur 

| talk panels & social media

For the PopKultur Festival, Magmastudio document the artists' talks in 2021 and 2022. 36 talk panels were documented and edited. Some of the films were provided with subtitles for inclusive purposes. For the promotion in social media, trailers were created for each talk. Each trailer also contained subtitles to meet the social media trend of viewing videos on the phones in a silent mode with the goal of increasing the participation of the target groups.

Pop-Kultur is a hyphen between artists’ perspectives and the society they engage with. The festival was first launched in 2015,and is now regularly in the Kulturbrauerei Berlin. Here, up-and-coming talents from Berlin perform alongside musicians from countries that are often outside of our Eurocentric focus. Collective approaches, post-migrant identities, intersectional discourse, inclusive projects, diasporic narratives, queer perspectives and the departure from musical expectations all contribute to the creation of this space for mutual exchange.

Magma Studio is a collective formed by filmmakers, photographers, art directors and graphic designers. The studio works with cultural institutions, festivals and event producers, galleries and individual artists. With the combination of film, pictures and design Magma develops tailor made communication strategies for social media communities and beyond.