Je suis Marseillais  

| a photographic art work

A boulevard in Marseille appears like a catwalk in the southern evening sun. Here, the locals, 90% of whom have a migrant background, look like protagonists from a Renaissance oil painting. The ambience is mixed with the costumes and accessories of modern city life.

Hardly any other major European city is as much a part of migration as naturally as it is to Marseille. Many naturalized residents have foreign roots. Unlike to other major French cities, the Marseille, immigrants have not been pushed out to the suburbs, but have settled in the center near the port.

Around a quarter of Marseille's population is Muslim. First and foremost, the inhabitants of France's second-largest city do not identify themselves as Algerian, French, Italian, Arab, or Muslim - but as Marseilleans.

A production of a photo book production is currently in progress. An exhibition is planned for 2023.