Our Family of Trees

| one take shot

The year is 2022 and in Berlin, Brandenburg 50% of the trees are dying. The recent years of droughts, combined with the monoculture plantations, industrial (non-organic) farming & the arrival of a beetle thriving in the climate changed warmer conditions, have equated that the trees of Berlin and Brandenburg are struggling for survival.

This ode to the trees was a Green20s production filmed by Leonard Leesch in one shot without rehearsals. It´s purpose is to create awareness of the current alarming situation.

Green Twenties is a Berlin-based collective dedicated to social and environmental justice, working in the fields of climate protection, culture, education and empowerment. Green20s writes and films real & fictional documentaries, teaches storytelling & filmmaking and designs films for sustainable campaigns. The collective believes in the power of film and storytelling to raise awareness and empathy.