Our Environment and us

| an Erasmus documentary

Man-made global warming affects us all and especially the youngest among us will be confronted with the climatic effects most intensively and for the longest time. How do primary school children experience the climate crisis and topics such as sustainability and environmental protection? In an Erasmus project between primary schools in Berlin and Vienna, the pupils take part in joint activities, excursions and an exchange trip. What are the problems caused by climate change and are they the same in Vienna and Berlin? The program has biodiversity and mobility as its focus. The children learn in a playful way how to take care of their environment, what a healthy biodiversity means and the disadvantages of a car-centric city. Actions like Permaculture gardening lessons and organizing their bike demonstration for safer mobility engage the children in meaningful ways with their environment. Green20s accompanies the children and documents their experience in an empowering documentary filmed from the children's perspective.

It is currently planned to start an impact campaign that encourages schools, teachers and pupils across the nation to participate in environmental school activities. Already existing projects, such as gardening schools, mobility days, manifestations and further climate & environment-related workshops are made visible and available to the young audience.
The goal is to educate future generations in environmental awareness and empathy to bring change from an early age.

Green Twenties is a Berlin-based collective dedicated to social and environmental justice, working in the fields of climate protection, culture, education and empowerment. Green20s writes and films real & fictional documentaries, teaches storytelling & filmmaking and designs films for sustainable campaigns. The collective believes in the power of film and storytelling to raise awareness and empathy.