Deutsche Oper - Wanderlust

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Wanderlust is a music theatre project for exploring symbioses between humans and their environment - the search for unconditional dependencies between us and everything that surrounds us and at the same time the search for an artistic footprint. Young participants with different backgrounds and experiences develop the project together with experts in music, directing, text and film in a creative and participatory process. The young people document the interconnected ecosystems that make up their daily surroundings in Berlin. With the environment and society at stake due to ongoing climate change, this project encourages youth to imagine a possible relationship and symbiosis between human and non-human, living and non-living elements. The participants bring these research findings to the stage as a theater group. The goal is emancipation of young people in a music-theatrical context. This project aims to provide an accessible and inclusive pathway to the theater stage - a space where young people can give free play to their imagination and express themselves on a social, emotional and political level.

The goal of this project was not to achieve results at any cost, but to help sow the first seeds of a connection to the medium of music and theatre.

During the two-week workshop, key moments were documented. This resulted in background footage that was integrated into the stage design. The result of the filming was a 12-minute documentary of the creative process as seen through the eyes of the participants. For the distribution of the film and the promotion of the play, 6 social media "snippets" were used.

The documentary is currently available on the YouTube channel of Deutsche Oper Berlin. The workshop was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and by "Kultur Macht Stark".

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