| online art festival

In 2020 the Chilean Connexion Art Festival fell under the restrictions of the pandemic due to Covid-19. Because there were no permissions for events to take place, the festival decided to bundle the entire performances in an online format. Magmastudio pre-produced 7 live acts at Monopol Berlin. The stream was the highlight of the festival and was shared as well with the Chilean community. Also a teaser of the two hour film was produced to promote the festival in advance.

Chilean Connexion is an exhibition of Chilean artists living in Berlin that aims to disseminate and increase the visibility of these artists work being developed in the German capital, with hopes to facilitate a meeting and connection between them and the local community. Since the Berlin Wall fell down, many Chilean artists and musicians have been relocated to the German capital, seduced by an effervescent artistic and musical scene, and for social-cultural relations that entice them to this particular city. These migrant artists often go unnoticed due to both their youth and also a large number of artists and musicians who arrive each year in the city, competing for the same workspaces and exhibitions. The artist's works include visual arts, video art, installations, acoustic projects and performances.

Magma Studio is a collective formed by filmmakers, photographers, art directors and graphic designers. The studio works with cultural institutions, festivals and event producers, galleries and individual artists. With the combination of film, pictures and design Magma develops tailor-made communication strategies for social media communities and beyond.