| a time and space for doubt

The conclusion of Krit-Kölln´s two-month program is also the name of the exhibition: Zeitraum für Zweifel.

The title of the show translates into English as the period for doubts but also, in a literal way, as time room for doubts. Doubting is often considered a sign of weakness or lack of conviction, instead, in our time room, asking questions was the method we used to deconstruct both the presented artworks and their means of production. The exhibited works which deal with issues of loneliness, care, urbanism and expanded notions of traditional art mediums, were the main protagonists of our sessions. However, they were also an excuse to bond and connect with other artists unknown to us until that moment. The program also aims to encourage what cannot be planned nor organized in a framed period of time and space, such as future collaborations and projects among its participants, hoping for a contingency to lead the way for what is yet to come.