Afrikamera Film Festival

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The non-profit cultural association toucouleur e.V. has been committed to intercultural dialogue between Africa and Germany since 2007. AFRIKAMERA sees itself as a permanent platform for dialogue between African filmmakers and the Berlin audience and as a place of exchange between filmmakers, producers and distributors. With annually changing thematic focuses, the festival addresses issues that move young filmmakers of Africa's post-Independence generation.

Amongst various other services, Magma Studio produced over the period of 4 years a graphic campaign for the festival's online promotion. Magmastudio created a new visual identity and a coherent visual language for easy recognition. During the festival in 2019, Magma produced portrait series of the present filmmakers in a unique style that went along with the visual identity of the brand design. Additionally, Magma produced a short film that transports the team's original vision and captures the festival's unique atmosphere while giving participating filmmakers and guests a voice about contemporary African cinema and their experience with the festival. Magma Studio is the media partner of AFRIKAMERA since 2019.

Magma Studio is a collective formed by filmmakers, photographers, art directors and graphic designers. The studio works with cultural institutions, festivals and event producers, galleries and individual artists. With the combination of film, pictures and design Magma develops tailor-made communication strategies for social media communities and beyond.